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Create A Twisted Wind-On Leader To Help You Land That Giant Black Marlin!

15 September 2016
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If you've booked a black marlin fishing charter for you and your mates, you'll want to make sure that you successfully land that giant marlin on the day.  A common problem with big black marlin is that they are inclined to push their head beneath the transom of your boat, effectively wedging them in so that they can't be landed no matter how hard you try.  However, a twisted wind-on leader will shift even the most stubborn of black marlin.
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Don’t Damage The Beauty! Two Ways To Make Sure Your Boating Doesn’t Impact The Great Barrier Reef

18 April 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is one of the most magnificent marine parks in the world, so it makes sense that now that you own a boat you are going to want to head up there to explore it for yourself. There are many areas of the reef that are zoned to allow recreational boaters to visit, but it is very important you are fully aware of how your boating actions can impact the health of the reef.
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Boating With Your Dog: Five Essential Items You Need for Comfort, Convenience and Safety

5 October 2015
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Articles

If you are looking at new boats for sale and you plan to bring your dog on the boat, you need to look for a boat that can comfortably accommodate your pup, but you also need to shop for the right accessories. With the right supplies, you make the boating experience safe and inviting for your dog as well as for the human passengers. Here are five essentials you should consider for your boating dog:
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Hi, my name is Nicole. Before I had kids, I always thought it would be so easy. I hate to admit it, but there were many times pre-children that I looked at parents and thought I would never let my kids do this or that. However, let me tell you first hand that life isn't that simple. In spite of doing everything the same, I have one child who is average weight and another who is overweight. I work as hard as I can to educate my overweight child about healthy choices without making him feel bad. One area that I like to focus on is enticing my child to play sports. If you have an overweight child and you want to encourage him or her to play sports, explore my blog for ideas. Thanks for reading.