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Storage Solutions for Even the Smallest of Caravan Trailers

22 March 2017
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A caravan trailer is a great choice for families who need a budget-friendly solution for holidays, or for those who love the great outdoors but who don't want to necessarily sleep in a tent. One drawback to caravans, however, is that they are often lacking storage for all your essentials. Consider a few simple and affordable storage solutions that work for even the smallest of caravan trailers, so you know you're maximizing every available space and never need to leave any essentials behind.
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Hi, my name is Nicole. Before I had kids, I always thought it would be so easy. I hate to admit it, but there were many times pre-children that I looked at parents and thought I would never let my kids do this or that. However, let me tell you first hand that life isn't that simple. In spite of doing everything the same, I have one child who is average weight and another who is overweight. I work as hard as I can to educate my overweight child about healthy choices without making him feel bad. One area that I like to focus on is enticing my child to play sports. If you have an overweight child and you want to encourage him or her to play sports, explore my blog for ideas. Thanks for reading.