4 Ways Kayaks Prove Superior to Stand-Up Paddleboards

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4 Ways Kayaks Prove Superior to Stand-Up Paddleboards

4 Ways Kayaks Prove Superior to Stand-Up Paddleboards

24 March 2017
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Kayaks have been around for decades; in fact, they've been around in some form or another for centuries. However, people are now being tempted away from the kayak thanks to a newer recreational watercraft, namely the stand-up paddleboard (often abbreviated to SUP).

There are plenty of reasons that using a SUP can be great. For example, they are easier to porter and often a lot cheap. That said, people looking to buy a watercraft can't really beat the versatility offered by a kayak.

Here are just four reasons why you want to opt for a kayak over a SUP.

1. Better for All-Weather Use

Since you're standing right up in the air, using a SUP is great when the sun is shining, the wind is down, and the day is warm. Unfortunately, using an SUP during less-than-ideal weather is, well, less than ideal. With all of your body exposed, you'll find it much harder to stay warm when the weather isn't nice. Additionally, it can be very hard to move against strong winds since your entire body will be acting as a sail. A kayak can cover up some of your body, and the fact that you'll be lying down makes it easier to move during stronger winds.

2. Better Over Longer Distances

One of the central disadvantages of using an SUP is that it's hard to paddle over long distances. This is partly because it takes more energy to move an SUP due to the fact that you will be standing instead of sitting. You'll also find that you won't be able to carry very much gear with you, if any. If you're taking a day-long trip, you might have to forget about bringing any snacks; if you're going on an overnight trip, it's going to be extremely tough to carry a tent and cookware. A kayak, which can offer waterproof hatches, can be used for those longer trips.

3. Better for Speed and Power

With a kayak, you can use a double-bladed paddle to proper yourself, and the enhanced aerodynamics that come with sitting on your watercraft instead of standing make it easy to move through the water. Taken together, these two advantages mean that you'll enjoy more power and speed when you use a kayak.

4. Better When Stability Is Required

Finally, kayaks offer a far more stable platform than SUPs. This means you'll be able to use them across a more diverse selection of waterways, not just those that are calm. If you're worried about slipping into colder water or are heading into an area where the waterbed contains sharp stones or stinging animals, it's far better to use a kayak.

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