Storage Solutions for Even the Smallest of Caravan Trailers

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Storage Solutions for Even the Smallest of Caravan Trailers

Storage Solutions for Even the Smallest of Caravan Trailers

22 March 2017
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A caravan trailer is a great choice for families who need a budget-friendly solution for holidays, or for those who love the great outdoors but who don't want to necessarily sleep in a tent. One drawback to caravans, however, is that they are often lacking storage for all your essentials. Consider a few simple and affordable storage solutions that work for even the smallest of caravan trailers, so you know you're maximizing every available space and never need to leave any essentials behind.

Magnetic hooks in the kitchen

Drawer space may be limited in a caravan, so note the space behind the stove and next to the refrigerator. Magnetic hooks on the fridge can allow you to hang coffee mugs or other smaller items, and a magnetic strip behind the stovetop can hold the blades of knives so they're out of those drawers. You might also add magnetic hooks to this strip and use them to hang smaller pots and pans or kitchen utensils.


While magnets are good for holding items against a metal surface, Velcro can work for non-metallic surfaces. In the bathroom, glue some small strips of Velcro to the shower wall, and then glue the other side of the Velcro to your shampoo bottles, bath brush, and the like. You can then stick those items right to the wall when not in use, so they're off the shower floor but not crowded into a corner either!

You can also use this trick for hanging baskets or bins along any wall of the caravan, including the bathroom. Glue one side of the Velcro to the back of any basket or tote and the other side of the Velcro to the wall, outside of a drawer or cupboard, to the bathroom mirror, or even on a window you rarely open. The basket keeps your items organized while using Velcro allows you to attach it to any surface of the caravan.

Hanging sorters

If you shop in the home goods section of any department store, you'll find hanging sorters that are meant to hook inside closet doors, and which hold shoes, sweaters, and other such items. Use these in your caravan for storage; hang one on the inside of the bathroom door to hold extra towels, rolls of toilet tissue, makeup, and other such supplies. Hang one on the inside of the caravan entryway door to hold shoes. You can even put one over a kitchen cupboard door to hold envelopes of seasoning or cocoa and small kitchen tools.

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