How To Clean Bird Muck Off Your Caravan Awning

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How To Clean Bird Muck Off Your Caravan Awning

How To Clean Bird Muck Off Your Caravan Awning

24 February 2017
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Unfortunately, bird droppings on your caravan awning are an occupational hazard on most camping sites, especially if you pitch your van under trees to try to get some shade. It's really important that you get rid of the muck as quickly as possible, before the acid it contains causes permanent staining to the awning.

Here's how to clean bird muck off your caravan awning (without resorting to shooting the offending birds!)

Open up the awning completely

The only way to clean an awning properly is to open it up completely so that you can see all the offending bird poop. Choose a bright, sunny day so that the awning will dry out completely before you fold it up; folding an awning that is damp will result in the formation of mould.

Start the cleaning process by hand (wear gloves)

The easiest way of removing dried bird droppings is often to simply pick and peel the muck off with your fingers. Wear some thin latex gloves for this job to avoid the danger of infection from bacteria that might be contained in the poop. If the bird muck is fresh and still wet, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe it away.

Wash off the residue

Once the poop has all been removed, you can wash the awning to remove any clinging residue.

The best cleaning product to use on your canvas awning is simply mild washing-up liquid and warm water. Your canvas awning is waterproof, so it's important not to use anything that may damage the waterproofing.

Use a light hand and a soft sponge to apply the soapy water to the awning, working from top to bottom so that the suds and excess water run away. Don't scrub aggressively at the fabric or you could stretch it. If the bird muck is proving stubborn to shift, allow the cleaning solution to soak in for a while; this should lift the muck away.

Rinse away the soap and muck

Use a garden hosepipe to thoroughly rinse the soapy water and muck from the awning. Play the water from the top of the awning downwards so that gravity will help to drain it away.

When all the soap has gone, take a clean, dry cloth and wipe the awning over to remove excess surface water.

Allow the awning to air-dry

All you need to do now is to leave the awning to dry in the sun.

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