How To Rig Big Bait Fish To Catch Giant Marlin

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How To Rig Big Bait Fish To Catch Giant Marlin

How To Rig Big Bait Fish To Catch Giant Marlin

29 November 2016
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If you're investing in fishing boat hire for a day's deep sea fishing with your mates, you'll want to know how to snag the biggest catches out there.  Giant marlin are surely the most impressive monsters of the deep that you're likely to hunt in deep water, but to catch one you'll need a giant bait to match.

Here's how to rig a huge tuna to attract the biggest marlin in the ocean. 

First, catch your bait!

The best bait for attracting the attention of giant marlin is tuna.  Ideally, you need a bait fish of between 10 and 12 kilos.  Use feather jibs and surface lures trolled on light conventional rods to catch your bait, and then prepare it for rigging by removing the guts and gills, leaving the throat latch intact.

How to rig your bait

  1. Take a large circle hook and snell it onto 600 pound mono leader.  To do this, take a couple of metres of heavy-duty Dacron, double it over and attach it to the hook with a couple of half-hitches.  
  2. Slide a small piece of high-pressure plastic tubing over the Dacron.  Tie the Dacron to keep the tube in place.  The tube is there to hold the book away from the bait's head and ensures a more solid hook-up.  
  3. Cut a small groove in the centre of the bait's mouth and slip the Dacron into to hold it still.  
  4. Thread a bait needle and push it through the middle of the bait's mouth, first one way and then the other.   
  5. Now fasten the bait's mouth closed and secure the plastic tube by tying the Dacron firmly to one side of the jaw.  
  6. Push the bait needle up through the bottom of the eye sockets so that one end of the Dacron is pulled through.  Repeat this the opposite way around and tie off both ends of the thread under the bait's head.  
  7. Now push the needle up through the gill flaps to pull each end of the Dacron through, and tie it off firmly under the bait's head.  
  8. Pull the needle through the bait's body around behind the gills, and tie both ends of the line securely behind the pelvic fins.  
  9. Take another metre length of Dacron line, thread another bait needle, and sew up the tuna's gut cavity, using a neat cross stitch.  This will stop the bait from washing out.  
  10. Finally, put your rigged bait into your ice box and sprinkle it with salt to keep it preserved.

Use the tips given above to rig big tuna so that you can impress your mates on your day's deep fishing trip when you land a giant marlin.

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