Create A Twisted Wind-On Leader To Help You Land That Giant Black Marlin!

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Create A Twisted Wind-On Leader To Help You Land That Giant Black Marlin!

Create A Twisted Wind-On Leader To Help You Land That Giant Black Marlin!

15 September 2016
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If you've booked a black marlin fishing charter for you and your mates, you'll want to make sure that you successfully land that giant marlin on the day.  A common problem with big black marlin is that they are inclined to push their head beneath the transom of your boat, effectively wedging them in so that they can't be landed no matter how hard you try. 

However, a twisted wind-on leader will shift even the most stubborn of black marlin.  Here's how to make one.

What you'll need

  • a length of waxed thread
  • a 250 pound mono
  • some large crimps
  • a ball bearing snap swivel (tournament grade)
  • a variable speed drill
  • a hook
  • a set of pliers

How to do it

  1. Start by removing the point and barb from a hook.  You can do this by snapping them off with a pair of pliers; you might find this easier if you have access to a vice to hold the hook firmly.  
  2. Place the doctored hook into the chuck of your drill.  Loop the mid-point of the mono over the hook to form the connection point of the completed rig.  
  3. Activate the drill on its slowest speed to twist the mono around, creating a twisted leader.  Keep the speed nice and slow to avoid over-twisting the mono.  
  4. Now slide the ends of the leader into a crimp of a suitable size.  Add your swivel and place the two ends back into the crimp.  This can take a little trial and error, as it's a fiddly job; a friend with a steady hand to hold the crimp for you can be helpful here.  
  5. Close the crimp with your pliers and trim off the tag ends.  Don't worry if the finished leader is quite bulky and visible; it won't detract from your catch rates, as long as you run your bait or lures high enough on the outriggers of your charter boat.  
  6. Next, make a simple eyelet out of your waxed thread so that the swivel can rest on it.  
  7. When the leader is complete, use the end loop to connect to your double line.

This twisted wind-on leader will provide you with more than enough strength to lift the most reluctant and biggest of black marlin.

In conclusion

You can ensure that you successfully land the biggest black marlin of the day by making your own twisted wind-on leader as per the instructions given above.  For more information and advice on lures, bait, and landing techniques have a chat with your black marlin fishing charter skipper.  

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