Boating With Your Dog: Five Essential Items You Need for Comfort, Convenience and Safety

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Boating With Your Dog: Five Essential Items You Need for Comfort, Convenience and Safety

Boating With Your Dog: Five Essential Items You Need for Comfort, Convenience and Safety

5 October 2015
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If you are looking at new boats for sale and you plan to bring your dog on the boat, you need to look for a boat that can comfortably accommodate your pup, but you also need to shop for the right accessories. With the right supplies, you make the boating experience safe and inviting for your dog as well as for the human passengers. Here are five essentials you should consider for your boating dog:

1. Doggy First Aid Kit

The human first aid kit that may come with your boat package isn't enough for your dog. Instead, you need a first aid kit designed especially for pups. It should have bandages, tape, gauze and a thermometer just like a regular first aid kit, but it should also have petroleum jelly for inserting the thermometer rectally, gloves, a pillow case for confining small dogs and hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting if your dog gets into anything toxic.

Also, if you buying a sailboat for long journeys away from your home, make sure to include your dog's medical records in the first aid kit. That makes it easier and safer to obtain treatment from vets who aren't your regular one.

2. Non-Slip Pads

In addition to medical supplies, you, of course, need to bring your dog food and water on the boat. So that those bowls won't slip around the deck of your boat, creating a slippery mess, make sure to invest in a non-slip pad. Placed under the bowls, it can keep them in place.

3. Piece of Turf

Eventually, after eating, your pup will need to use the loo. If you only plan to take short boat rides, you don't need to worry about it. You can simply go back to the shore when the pup needs to go.

However, if you want flexibility over how long you can stay on the water, invest in a piece of turf. Simply, place it on the boat's floor and let your dog use it. Keep in mind your dog will need to get acclimated to the turf first, so plan to turf train your dog on dryland before taking him and the turf on your new boat.

To attract your dog to the turf, you may need to scent it with a few drops of your own urine. Alternatively, if you have a friend who has already turf-trained their pup, borrow their turf, and place it on top of yours for a few days. That allows some of the urine from the old turf to soak through and scent the new turf.

4. Canine Life Jacket

Even if your dog knows how to swim, you should invest in a canine life jacket. Canine life jackets, sold by many boating shops, ensure your dog stays afloat regardless of the conditions. They also help to make your dog more visible, and they have straps so that you have something to grab when you reach into the water to retrieve your pup.

5. Hosepipe or Fresh Water Supply

Whether your dog falls into the water or you let him swim for a bit, you should take a few moments to hose him off after he gets out of the water. Salt water, unfortunately, can irritate a dog's skin and make it feel itchy and dry. A quick rinse with a hose works wonders. Alternatively, keep extra gallons of fresh water on board for rinsing your dog as needed.

Keep this need in mind as you look at boats for sale. Ideally, if you are a dog owner, you need room to store extra water on board. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Stones Corner Marine.


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