Five Essential Safety Tips for Caravan Journeys With Kids

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Five Essential Safety Tips for Caravan Journeys With Kids

Five Essential Safety Tips for Caravan Journeys With Kids

2 October 2015
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Travelling with children in a caravan around the country can be extremely fun, but you also need to take a few safety precautions that you wouldn't necessarily have to take if you were travelling exclusively with adults. Want to ensure your little ones are safe throughout your caravan journey? Then, keep these essential safety tips in mind:

1. Don't let kids ride unrestrained in the caravan.

Although the inside of your caravan may look and feel like a living room, it is still a moving vehicle, and if it stops suddenly, any unrestrained children may fly forward and get seriously injured.

Don't let your child ride unrestrained in the caravan. Instead, make them sit down and use seat belts as well as car seats depending on your child's age and size.

2. Secure possessions and use child locks on cabinets.

Just as kids can fly about if they are unrestrained, so too can possessions. Don't leave possessions loose in the caravan. Make sure they are strapped down or securely stowed in cabinets. This includes everything, from luggage, to toys, to books, to laptops. Obviously, you don't want any of these objects hitting you or your child if you have to stop suddenly or get into a crash.

So that the cabinets do not fly open, make sure that they are secured with magnetic closures. Alternatively, you can use plastic child locks. These locks only allow cabinets to freely open a centimetre or two. To open them further, you have to depress the plastic locks with your finger. That setup can ensure the cabinets don't fling open if you have to stop the caravan suddenly.

3. Train your children to recognise wildlife in your destination.

With threats ranging from the funnel web spider to the venomous inland taipan snake, Australia is full of dangerous wild animals, and if you are taking your caravan to the woods, to a beach or even to many campsites, you may encounter these wild creatures.

The best defense against most of them is knowledge and wariness. Before going to any area in your caravan with your kids, take some time to talk with them about local wildlife. Consider investing in a wildlife guide so that your kids know what to expect and how to identify it.

4. Warn your kids about guy ropes.

In addition to wild animals, another potential danger at campgrounds is guy ropes. Guy ropes are used to keep tents standing and to prevent them from blowing away. Unfortunately, however, these convenient ropes can also be hazardous for kids, as they can be a tripping hazard.

Instruct your kids about the dangerous of guy ropes, and remind them to look out for them. Otherwise, they may fall and get injured.

5. Make a plan for getting lost.

Another potential danger when you are on a caravan journey is getting lost. When you arrive at a campground in your caravan, take a few moments to show your child around. That minimises their chances of getting lost while walking from the caravan to the toilets or recreation areas.

In addition to taking steps to reduce the chances of getting lost, also make a plan on what your child should do if he or she gets lost. Make sure that your child knows your mobile phone number as well as your campsite number. For kids who are too young to remember those details, have them wear a pendent with the relevant details on it.

Additionally, instruct your child to stay still. If they walk around, they may miss you as you search for them. Also, consider giving them a whistle that they can blow, especially if they are lost out in the wild.

Now that you know how to stay safe while travelling by caravan, consider checking out caravans for sale near you.


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