Getting Overweight Kids Excited About Sports: Tips and Ideas

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Getting Overweight Kids Excited About Sports: Tips and Ideas

4 Ways Kayaks Prove Superior to Stand-Up Paddleboards

24 March 2017
Recreation & Sports, Blog

Kayaks have been around for decades; in fact, they've been around in some form or another for centuries. However, people are now being tempted away from the kayak thanks to a newer recreational watercraft, namely the stand-up paddleboard (often abbreviated to SUP). There are plenty of reasons that using a SUP can be great. For example, they are easier to porter and often a lot cheap. That said, people looking to buy a watercraft can't really beat the versatility offered by a kayak.
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Perfecting a Slice Serve on Synthetic Grass Courts

20 January 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

When playing tennis on synthetic grass courts, a slice serve will prove to be a very effective weapon. Slice serves come at your opponent faster than flat or spin serves, making them much more difficult to return with accuracy. Because a good slice serve bounces to the side when it hits the ground, it can pull your opponent right out of the court, leaving you a clear court in which to kill the rally and win the point.
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Boating With Your Dog: Five Essential Items You Need for Comfort, Convenience and Safety

5 October 2015
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Articles

If you are looking at new boats for sale and you plan to bring your dog on the boat, you need to look for a boat that can comfortably accommodate your pup, but you also need to shop for the right accessories. With the right supplies, you make the boating experience safe and inviting for your dog as well as for the human passengers. Here are five essentials you should consider for your boating dog:
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Five Essential Safety Tips for Caravan Journeys With Kids

2 October 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Articles

Travelling with children in a caravan around the country can be extremely fun, but you also need to take a few safety precautions that you wouldn't necessarily have to take if you were travelling exclusively with adults. Want to ensure your little ones are safe throughout your caravan journey? Then, keep these essential safety tips in mind: 1. Don't let kids ride unrestrained in the caravan. Although the inside of your caravan may look and feel like a living room, it is still a moving vehicle, and if it stops suddenly, any unrestrained children may fly forward and get seriously injured.
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Getting Overweight Kids Excited About Sports: Tips and Ideas

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